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Nevfel Baytar graduated from the ELT Department at METU in 1993. He holds an MA Degree in FLE from Ankara University on “Readability Scores of KPDS Reading Passages.” He also holds a CertELT Certificate and a Teacher Training Diploma from the British Council. He received ELT Management Certificate from the OUP, too. He has worked at six different universities: TÖMER at Ankara University, Faculty of Humanities and Letters at Bilkent University, Technical College for Higher Education in Muscat, Oman, Faculty of Medicine and of Engineering at Baskent University, and at Yıldırım Beyazıt University, as the assistant director responsible for Academic English for all Faculties. Now he works at Ipek University as the International Tests Centre coordinator. Throughout his career, Nevfel taught medical English, technical English and academic English at universities, and TOEFL, FCE and KPDS at several Language Schools in Ankara, tutored to high-ranking officials at various governmental agencies and state offices, translated hundreds of pages for academic journals and did proofreading for countless academic texts, and also worked as an interpreter for international conferences.

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