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1. PhD Teacher - Romanian / English language and literature Master of Arts - Educational Management Studies and European Integration Master of Arts - Romanian Cultural Studies in the European Context 2. Editor at "Attitudes" magazine - Culture House "I.L. Caragiale" 3. Member of the "Attitudes" Circle (Culture House "I.L. Caragiale") / "Orpheus" Circle (County Library "N. Iorga" Prahova) 4. Ploiesti "Knowledge Spiral" Association, Coordinator of the Cultural and Educational Department - Participation at courses as: "The Future of Storytelling" / "Resilient Design Schools" / "Space for Dialogue" / "Dialogue INSTEAD of Conflict, Understanding INSTEAD OF Doubts" / "Mentoring and learning" / When borders turn into bridges. " 5. Volumes of verses - Verses for the big life (2010)/ Book with Masks (2012) / Verses with something (2014)

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