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Hi! I am Bożena Kraj and I am from Poland. Working as a secondary school teacher of John Paul II Gymnasium I feel happy and excited to teach my students not only English itself, but also positive behaviour and proper attitude towards their daily duties. I say “The future is yours, demand of yourselves” to make the world better.(John Paul II) I live and work in the the beautiful Holy Cross Mountains, the oldest in Europe, and try to discover their nature and history with my family and students, which seems to be really challenging. But how exciting! Listening to classical music and pop music, reading English novels, riding a bike, skiing are my favourite ways of spending free time. I love setting up displays in my classroom as I enjoy drawing, painting and designing things as well. And the last but not least, I am patient and have a good sense of humour, which appears so important in my life. Being both sociable and friendly I can hardly wait to meet new friends – maybe teachers who want to exchange ideas. I am an eTwinning ambassador and a Comenius coordinator.

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