Step 5: Awarding Body

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The Ed2.0Work Awarding Body takes the final decision on whether the certification is awarded for an organization or individual.

This group consists of a mix of experts from the fields of Technology Enhanced Learning and Quality Assurance which will be selected using a descriptive model of their task .

During the project lifecycle an interim Awarding Body will be composed of a minimum of three members from the academic partner institutions – but not involved in the project - will be chosen.

The independence of the body responsible for the decision and review of the self-assessment is important to guarantee reliability and to support credibility of the certification itself. This separation of responsibilities also requires that none of the appointed peer-reviewers is a member of the Awarding Body.

A different Awarding Body will be composed at the end of the project, if needed, in terms of sustainability.

The members are appointed by the Ed2.0Work project team. The Awarding Body receives a peer-review report on the self-assessment from the two reviewers appointed by the Ed2.0Work Accreditation Centre together with a recommendation whether the certification should be awarded or not. Based on this information, the Awarding Body decides with a majority decision on awarding the certificate and the badge.