Step 4: Peer Review

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For obtaining the Ed2.0work quality certification, the Ed2.0Work project team is committed to offering continuous review activity until the end of the project lifecycle and beyond.

After the project ends, organisations and individuals will be able to apply for the Ed2.0work quality review and accreditation, in two rounds, every year.

Applications received between the submission rounds will be considered in the next period.

Round x:
Submission: 2 months
Self-Assessment: 2 months
Peer-Review: 1 month
Awarding: 2 weeks 

Institutions and individuals wishing to apply should use the form available at Step 1 – Application - to express their interest, after which they will be contacted by the Ed2.0Work Accreditation Centre to begin the eligibility check.

Each application will be reviewed by two reviewers appointed by the Ed2.0Work Accreditation Centre and a final decision will be taken by an independent awards body.