Step 3: Self-assessment

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The self-assessment toolkit allows an organization/individual to evaluate the quality of its mobile apps  and Web2.0 provision using a predefined set of criteria that are available before starting the process.

Organizations should, ideally fill out the form by your team, which includes different stakeholders in your organisation. This will ensure that your assessment includes the opinions and experience of all aspects of your institution in the areas of policy and practice relevant to mobile apps  and Web2.0. Your team should identify which benchmarks are relevant, and which are less important for your organisation. The team should then collaborate to complete the questionnaire, including adding comments in the open text areas that are provided.

The result of the questionnaire should be an agreed self-assessment against the benchmarks that fit your organisation/your work. This will reveal those aspects of mobile apps  and Web2.0 where your organisation/yourself is already strong and areas where there are opportunities for improvement.

The self-assessment has two targets:

  • It is an assessment of the quality of mobile apps and Web2.0 provision put in place and forms the foundation for the decision if accreditation will be granted. It needs to be thorough, extensive and with sufficient evidence to demonstrate to the Accreditation Centre that the organisation meets the criteria for accreditation.
  • The self-assessment has a benchmark function and will provide the organisation/individual with the ability to identify areas of improvement. If the organisation/individual performing the self-assessment believes that the self-assessment report is sufficiently completed, it can be submitted to the Ed 2.0Work Accreditation Centre.

Begin the self assessement here:

  • Free lance professionals and individual innovators questionnaire.
  • Organisation, organization’s department or a shared facility questionnaire.

Once filled out, please send the form to the erica.delucchi [AT] or joel  [AT]