I noticed that a pretty...

I noticed that a pretty large amount of publicity enters the classroom when using web 2.0 apps and sites during class. (e.g. commercials previuos to a youtube film). Has anyone found creative ways of avoiding annoying and class time consuming commercials?


Advert stoppers

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There are a number of apps that can stop adverts appearing but there is another side to this.

The adverts help to supply us with the free Internet and apps we use. I know one very popular free and useful site for languages that has no income except for adverts.

So it is a bit of a puzzle.

Personally we should consider all the advertising we are shown everyday and compare benefits/intrusiveness. When we ride in the street, open a magazine etc. we have no choice but to have adverts. At least on the Internet we can see that the adverts give us great tools to use, is it so intrusive that we want to no longer have those tools?



Class time vs ad time

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True, but how much useful class time are we willing to give up in favor of advertising?