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Dear Valuable Ed 2.0 SIG member,

We would like to get you notified about recent news and changes on our web

* As you may probably noted, we have made several updates of our system and
hardware that may cause short breaks in groups availability. As our entire
IT department is moving to a new building, some interruptions in service
availability may occur. We will do our best to make them as short as
possible, so in such case please come back few hours later.

* We have also changed the way you subscribe to our groups. Instead of
boring checkboxes, you may now join the group just by contributing to it:
writing a note, a comment, rising a poll, etc. Your face will appear at a
special box presenting contributing members of our groups.

* Of course, your face will be presented if you did not forget to update
your profile. If you didn't make it previously, please fill in your
data at the earliest convenience.

* If you wish to get information about group activities, to be notified
about particular user actions or newest comments to your favourite post,
please click magic grey "FOLLOW" button. You may always change
your mind and unsubscribe later.

Best regards and fruitful new school/academic year
Your Ed 2.0 Work SIGs Team

This message has been sent to you because you are registered user of SIGs
Groups Site. Please note, that we send such messages only in justified
cases. In any case, we will never ask you about passwords, card numbers,
and any other sensitive data.





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I'm happy to join this group and to me a member