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New person

Mike Carter's picture

Hi I am newly registered with this group. I have been a teacher since the1980's involved for most of that time in Educational technology and communication. I run an Education business and I lecturer PGCE students in the use of ICT across the curriculum. I am from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK


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Hi Mike, thanks for sharing with us your background! This is Erica from the Menon Network, one of the organization member of Ed2.0work project partnership. Looking forward to you participation in ongoing discussions as well as for proposition from your side! To receive regular updates please subscribe to the groups.




good lucks

Aydın Sarıkaya's picture

Being in the multidisciplinar studies, formal and informal, ICT era seems so attractive and motivational experience for both of learning and teaching. 

Tools, widgets etc. are all supportive contributions by many. 

And good lucks for this project intentions here, as well.




Erica Delucchi's picture

Hi Aydin,

thanks for sharing your point of view and endorsing the initiative.


Looking forward have your contribution in future discussions.