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How do we build curriculums, or integrate into existing ones

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Interesting article to reflect on ...

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Here you will find the academic article written by Bawden and others . Some questions have come to my mind after reading the paper and I would like that we all could reflect on it:

a) what is the importance and how to "integrate" web2.0 as educational content? (some exmples)

b) what is the importance and how to "integrate" web2.0 as a tool to promote learning? (some examples)

c) could you share an example of educational curriculum in where web2.0 has been integrated as learning content? and as educational tool?


Teachers & ICT: interesting analys done by European Schoolnet

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To what extent do teachers' profile make a difference to the use of ICT in lessons?
Is the professional development of teachers in the use of ICT promoted enough?

European Schoolnet Briefing Paper, Issue n. 1, explores these issues on the basis of the findings of the Survey of Schools: ICT in Education.

The report offers a focus on how the CPDLab project is contributing to innovating training and to changing the way teachers are successfully motivated and equipped for the classroom of the future.

You can download the first Briefing Paper here:

Does the type of ICT training teachers pursue matter?

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In its 3rd Briefing Paper European Schoolnet investigates different types and modes of training in relation to teachers' ICT use in the classroom.

The paper illustrates that education stakeholders should be advised that providing and encouraging more teachers to engage in pedagogically focused training on how to effectively reach learning outcomes using ICT, is likely to be more beneficial than investing solely in equipment based training. Moreover, if the use of ICT based activities is to become a common reality in classrooms across Europe teachers will need to reach and benefit from a more sophisticated level of ICT training, preferably with a strong pedagogical orientation.

The report also stress the fact that online communities for professional exchanges between teachers on pedagogical methods represent useful tools leading to positive changes in teachers' practice.

Ed2.0 Network can partially respond to this final need: our SIG communities aim at this online exchange among  teachers and business professionals as we are convinced of the impact online communities can have on individuals.

What do you think?


Embedding technology at the curriculum level?

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A matrix spotted on‘s excellent blog develops the idea of leveraging the full power of technology  by integrating it at curriculum-level.


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Europeana Creative Education Challenges

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The Europeana Creative Challenges aim to identify, incubate and spin off into the commercial sector viable online applications based on the re-use of digital cultural heritage content accessible via Europeana Creative Challenges are open to any private, public or non-profit organisation within Europe. For a successful application you need to be a legal person registered in one of the 28 EU Member states. Your application must be written and submitted in English. - See more at:

5 different Challenge themes:

1st Challenge Event, 29 April 2014, Brussels

  • Natural History Education
  • History Education

2nd Challenge Event

  • Social Network
  • Tourism

3rd Challenge Event

  • Design

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