Examples of the uses given to the web 2.0 resources

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Between the examples of the uses given to the web 2.0 resources, I comment you the Blogging (for example, use blogs for real-world writing experiences; ƒupdate new information such as homework and assignments;  using comments in blogs can encourage students to help each other with their writing, and get responses to a  question without getting the same answer many times); Wikis (the use for student projects; use for collaborating on ideas and organizing documents and resources from individuals and groups of students; use as a presentation tool (as e-portfolios); as a group research project for a specific idea; manage school and  classroom documents; use as a collaborative handout for students; writing: student created books and journaling create and maintain a classroom FAQ; as a classroom discussion and debate area; a place to aggregate web resources; supporting committees, working parties and university projects etc); or social networking (event support and continuation, team and community support, aggregation of social media applications, personal learning environments).

This is the principal examples, but I'm sure that there are more!!

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