Competition Winners!

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The Winner:

Fernando Rosell-Aguilar

"First Steps Chinese Characters App"

Judge comment #1

This is a great app for learning Chinese. I am looking forward to hearing more.

Judge comment #2

This is an amazing app. to be used for initial learning of the alphabet - I feel that creativity and innovation on the part of learners is limited though as everything depends on the app. and not so much on student creativity - I hope that further development will have inbuilt projects and games for the students, as well as ideas for teachers to exploit the app. beyond the app. itself.

Runner up:

Janne Männikkö

"Cartoon Camera project about bullying at school in English for 7th graders"

Judge comment #1

This presentation is very specific in defining objectives, what students did and what students learnt - with regard to language/social & emotional learning/collaboration/ and using technology. Comics and bullying are amongst my personal areas of interest and projects I have worked on myself, so I'm taking my personal interest here out of the equation. The emphasis on social and emotional learning in general though is extremely important - and I wonder if any aspect of S&E learning was implemented in the Second Life project ( I guess just by default through collaboration)or the other two projects - no evidence of that in numbers 1 and 11. As for ideas 'not seen before' - I teach about bullying though comics, had my local primary school do it through the makebelief comic site - and Bill Zimmerman has massive resources around S & E learning. The video itself is highly text-based and would have been nicer with clearer narrative and more visual presentation. Also, I love the cartoon camera tool and it would be amazing to use it with comic life for better frames and captions etc. - but I don't think that's part of our judging criteria. I think that user-friendly solutions are important too, though, and I like the way this school used android tablets. I also like the idea that such projects used in all schools could have far-reaching consequences in reducing violence in society. I love this project but I don't think it's the first of its kind and I think that project number 14 had more novel aspects to it - with regard to innovation and execution.

Judge comment #2

The reason I put this first is that I liked the way the project incorporates a whole range of skills that include things like planning,storyboard, discussing and creating a story etc. I think the activity created a lot of different group dynamics and covered a broad range of skills, many outside the traditional ELT domain

3rd place

Katarina Veljkovic

"Virtual World (Second Life) - Team for the 21st century"

Judge comment #1

I like this one - not because it uses second life and Moodle - Moodle would not be my Choice of LMS. The same project through google would be more user-friendly and easier for other schools and teachers to use and adapt. However, I think that our judgements should be based on the ideas and innovative execution of technology through creative pedogagy. This project has a very specific title, clearly described objectives, real-life applications, student-centred creativity on a life-changing topic - careers - the fact that the objectives are so clear and that the students had full freedom to operate in real-life contexts is impressive - great skills and planning from teachers' side of things, but planned so well that rather than being over-controlled, it sets students free. The only setback might be that it takes a lot of tech know-how that the average teacher or student might not possess - yet I think that the same ideas could be implemented without Moodle - and using various types of virtual learning environments - so my marks go more for the innovative ideas and hands-on execution rather than for the choices in tools for the purpose. I also like the social involvement and inter-schools collaboration. This is a creativity vote. I was very tempted to vote for the comic project but this one really got students creating their own " activities on the Internet, within Second Life, Moodle and Web 2.0 tools. Students independently design ICT products (Spreadsheets, word applications, media products, an interactive whiteboard and online service - for videos) and their products will be used by students and teachers of both schools in the project, " . Again I'm not a fan of Moodle but I can see this project being used with similar tools and with topics such as the bullying topic below - so what is better about this one? - it seems the most innovative in terms of blending technologies & learning communities, REALLY getting into real life scenarios, and empowering students to take over. My heart is with the comic project - I'd like to see this SL project & the comic project blending and working together. My judgement despite that, goes for this second Life project for 'innovative' USES of technology' not innovative technology. If 'user-friendly' and social change/making a difference were the critieria I'd vote for the comic project.

Judge comment #2

I really like things in SL and it is a great project. But I think these things have been done before though I really like the project.

4th place

Simion Strugar

"Google Apps for Education"

Judge comment #1

This was my least favorite video as far as production, but the video did cover many different ways they use Google Apps.

Judge comment #2

Excellent project though the description was very general and doesn't mention specific examples of creativity or objectives . The title is also very general and many schools already use google for education so I'm not sure about the 'ideas not seen before' aspect , as it doesn't describe unique ways to use google for education - much of the presentation talked about 'information'.

5th place

Nuray Parlak Yilmaz

"Toondoo in Higher Education"

Judge comment #1

The video is well produced with great student examples; however, I am not sure why ToonDoo was choosen versus other more sophisticated tools and apps. This would work work young learners but I'm not sure it's the best tool for adults.

Judge comment #2

I like the focus of the training. First thinking about different approaches to learning and then choose just one tool and work it and develop a learning artefact. So much training is often based around several tools and I like this in-depth approach to just one tool.

6th place

Koen Timmers

"Tree Key"

Judge comment #1

I like the app but the focus is on what these apps do versus the student projects.

Judge comment #2

Great project. So simple and clear. However I would have liked to have seen the learning contexts in which it could be used.

We would like to congratulate all competitors! You are doing really great job!


Congratulations to the finalists

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Congratulations to the all finalists and especially the winner 'Fernando Rosell-Aguilar' and special commiserations to the runner-up 'Janne Männikkö',

It was a great competition and all the Ed2.0Work partnership are very grateful for your interest and entries.



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It is great to learn from the winner and all the friends who uploaded activities. I think we have done a great job - and we can follow our example activities. Of course, not all - some are really for ICT experts, but it is fantasctic to learn about ICT possibilities in different areas.

I am so happy about the logo I can use on my blogs. Thank you!!!

Greetings from Poland

Thank you Bożena

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Thank you  Bożena  for your kind comments. Please can you send me a link to your blog with the logo?

Best wishes




Hello from Poland!

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I have just come back from Turkey - Comenius visit to Izmit and the conference. 

Here is one link to one of my blogs.

I uploaded the whole document. 

Hearty greetings from Poland,


Great ideas

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Dear all winners!

Congratulations! It's great to have on the same space a lot of creative ideas. Some of them are really easy to apply.